Safety Statement Information

What is a Safety Statement?

A Safety Statement is a Safety Management System compromising of relevant health and safety policies and procedures aimed at safeguarding employees and other parties affected by the organisations activities. A Safety Statement should also include a Risk Assessment which identifies the hazards, risks, type of risk, people at risk and control measures for managing the risk. A Safety Statement is a legal requirement under section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Who has to have a Safety Statement?

Every employer in Ireland irrespective of employee number must have a Safety Statement in place.

How often should a Safety Statement be updated?

The Safety Statement should be updated at least once per year.

It may have to be updated more frequently if any of the following apply.

  • Changes to work activities, processes, premises or equipment,
  • On the direction of a Health and Safety Authority Inspector.

Who should see the Safety Statement?

The Safety Statement should be brought to the attention of all employees annually or more regularly if it is changed or updated. Other stake holders should also be familiar with it such as contractors, tenants / landlord in a multi tenanted building etc..

Who can help prepare a Safety Statement?

We at ADSC Ireland have vast experience with developing Safety Statements and would be delighted to provide a quote. To enable us provide you with a Safety Statement quote please provide the following information.

  • Location of your premises
  • Size of premises
  • Description of premises including any specific hazards.
  • Number of employees