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We are Health and Safety Experts, who can assist with a vast array of Health and Safety related services.

Our Health and Safety related services are available nationwide across Ireland.

Health and Safety legislation in Ireland starts with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and then follows with secondary health and safety regulations.

Health and Safety legislation is enforced by the Health and Safety Authority..

Our Health and Safety experts can assist with Health and Safety compliance.

We have extensive experience ranging from the corporate sector to the more industrial sector with experience across the vast majority of industries.

These services include

There are multiple reasons for managing Health and Safety. Firstly to protect all of those from danger in the workplace. Secondly to ensure legal compliance and reduce the likelihood of both civil cases and criminal prosecution and thirdly for business reasons, specifically pro active health and safety management not only protects people from harm but also can contribute to the success of a business by reducing costs such as sick pay, downtime and increasing morale and productivity, all of which will result in a more productive workforce.

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