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Fire Audit Service

A fire audit is an objective examination and evaluation of the fire safety arrangements of an organization to make sure that the systems in place meet and indeed where possible, exceed compliance with Fire Services Act 1981 -2003 in addition to other appropriate statutory legislation and requirements.

A fire audit is a useful tool to assess Fire Safety Compliance within the workplace. Typically, our fire audit looks as identifying potential fire hazards and risks in your premises and recommend relevant and appropriate preventive measures to keep you, your employees, business and perhaps most important of all your reputation safe.

As part of the fire safety audit, we assess compliance with the above-mentioned laws as well as offering clear, objective and concise advice on all matters relating to fire safety. Once any shortcomings are identified from a fire safety perspective, we will recommend and put in a place a programme of works to remedy the issues.

A typical fire audit will examine but is not restricted to emergency lighting plans and systems, routes of escape, presence and quantity of emergency exit signage, presence and location of fire notices, assembly points, emergency alarm systems, emergency procedures.

The fire audit will also review drills and exercises, servicing records for electrical equipment including PAT, maintenance records, standby generator availability. storage of hazardous materials on site, fire detection systems including the presence and number of relevant fire extinguishers, hose reels, and if present, sprinkler system.

ADSC Limited has been conducting fire audits for small, medium and large businesses and organisations in Dublin and throughout the country for the past 10 years.

We offer our tailored services using only Fire safety specialists, thereby ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and affordability.

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for conducting a fire audit for your organisation.

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