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Our Health and Safety Consultants are experts with the appropriate qualifications and competence in undertaking Ergonomic Assessments within the office / corporate environment.

We observe each user at their Ergonomic and provide a comprehensive Ergonomic assessment report with all the necessary details.

We offer our tailored services using only trained, skilled and experienced Health and Safety Consultants and Ergonomic assessors with enormous experience in industry, thereby ensuring the highest levels of both professionalism and affordability.

The Ergonomic assessment includes an examination of workplace hazards and risks and appropriate equipment,

Also included in the Ergonomic assessment is a detailed examination of the surrounding workspace(s) as well as the work station(s) using meters to measure light, temperature, humidity and noise levels and review of the results is also included.

A detailed Ergonomic Assessment report is submitted to your company and the employee is entitled to a copy of this report.

Our Ergonomic Assessment service is available in Dublin and also throughout Ireland.

Some Common Ergonomic Assessment Questions

Should ergonomic assessments of workstations be documented?

Yes. A documented ergonomic assessment should include the following:

  • A comprehensive overview of the work carried out at the workstation
  • Data or evidence showing that all specifications laid down in Schedule 4 were followed as part of the risk analysis
  • Description of problems that need to be followed up
  • Description of the action plan to address unsolved issues-specifying the person responsible, what actions need to be taken, and when these actions will be completed
  • A copy of the completed ergonomic assessment should be given to the employees. They need that for further follow up-when necessary, to ensure that any pending resolutions are done.

Is it acceptable to allow employees to carry out ergonomic assessments of their own work stations?

It is not acceptable to have employees use a software package or other methods to inspect their own workstations. It is the employer's obligation to conduct ergonomic assessments of each individual workstation.

What are the components in Schedule 4?

Schedule 4 contains the minimum requirements for all Visual Display Units / Display Screen Equipment that should exist for VDU/DSE workstations. When conducting ergonomic assessments, the employer must be aware of the minimum requirements found in Schedule 4. This Schedule has a range of elements which include:

  • Monitor or VDU/DSE
  • Work chair
  • Work surface or desk
  • Keyboard
  • Actual work setting (noise, heat and humidity, space requirements, lighting and radiation)
  • Employee's computer interface (the software should be suitable and easy to use )

Are workers entitled to any form of training if they work with a VDU/DSE workstation?

It's the employer's duty to provide training on the usage of a workstation before any employee begins work on a VDU/DSE and whenever the set up of the work station is changed. The trainings should include these:

  • A good understanding of the computer system to which the VDU/DSE is connected
  • Appropriate intro training. Workers must understand how tasks are organized so as to fulfil Chapter 5 of Part2 of the General Application Regulations. This may include a documentation of the adjustments made to the work station and details of rest and posture breaks. Employees must be informed about the reason for making the changes and the advantages of these changes.
  • Instruction on the fundamentals of ergonomics as well as the proper adjustment of keyboard, screens, furniture, lighting, etc., so as to match individual employee's reach, height, etc. This also includes an understanding of the use of various adjustments on the work chair and correct positioning of the telephone, mouse and document holder. If a worker spends several hours on the phone during a workday, providing telephone headsets should be considered.

Is an employee who is moved to another workstation entitled to a new ergonomic assessment?

Yes. There are circumstances when an employee is transferred to a new work area due to changes in work schedules. It's mandatory for the employer to conduct a new ergonomic assessment at the new work station. There should be a system that when changes such as this happen, an employee can submit a written request to have a new ergonomic assessment done. The inspection should include any changes in equipment and/or technology.

Do ergonomic assessments include laptops ?

The VDU/DSE requirements of Chapter 5 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 are not applicable to laptops.

Regulation 7(d) states, "this Chapter does not apply to...portable display screen equipment not in prolonged use at a workstation." So it's recommended to connect a laptop to a keyboard and separate monitor. After it's set up accordingly, then a work station can be evaluated to document if it adheres to the requirements of the Display Screen Equipment Regulation.

Other temporary arrangements of a laptop workstation should be evaluated to check how the laptop is used and to determine potential risks. Nevertheless, the user should refrain from working directly on the laptop for extended hours.

A suitable workstation that's subjected to an ergonomic assessment and been improved includes: a monitor adjusted to the correct height, separate keyboard , document holder, footrest, adjustable seat, and improved lighting.

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