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The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Application) Regulations 2007, outline the requirements that must be adhered to in relation to Display Screen Equipment - DSE.

These regulations apply to any employee If that employee has no choice but to use the VDU/ DSE to carry out her/his work, or if the employee normally uses the VDU/DSE for continuous periods of more than one hour at his or her work station or if the VDU/DSE is generally used by the employee on a daily basis.

The Health and Safety Authority in Ireland (HSA) define a work station as s an assembly comprising display screen equipment, which may be provided with a keyboard or input device or software, or a combination of the foregoing, determining the operator and machine interface, and includes-(a) a work chair and work desk or work surface,(b) any optional accessories and peripherals, and(c) the immediate work environment of the display screen equipment.

With the average person working at a keyboard performing between 50,000 to 200,000 keystrokes each and every day, We provide DSE assessments for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

We offer our tailored services using only trained, skilled and experienced Health and Safety Consultants and DSE assessors with enormous experience in industry, thereby ensuring the highest levels of both professionalism and affordability.

The assessment includes an examination of DSE hazards and risks and DSE equipment,

Also included is a detailed examination of the surrounding workspace(s) as well as the work station(s) using meters to measure light, temperature, humidity and noise levels and review of the results is also included.

A detailed report is submitted to your company and the employee is entitled to a copy of this report. Please note the HSA state in their advice that "it is not sufficient to allow employees to use a software package or other means to assess their own workstations, it is a duty of the employer to carry out an analysis or risk assessment of an employee's workstation".

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal covering DSE assessments for your company.

DSE Assessment Information

What is a DSE Assessment?

A DSE Assessment is an ergonomic assessment of a employees workstation and covers the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) as well as the surrounding equipment such as Computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair, software and environment.

Are DSE Assessments a legal requirement?

DSE Assessments are a legal requirement for all habitual DSE users under the General Application Regulations 2007. A habitual DSE user is classed as someone who spends 1 or more continuous hours per day at their workstation.

Who should undertake DSE Assessments?

A qualified DSE Assessor should complete the DSE Assessments. Where specific issues or underlying health complaints arise then a more experienced practitioner such as Health and Safety Consultant may be required.

How often should DSE Assessments be undertaken?

DSE Assessments should be undertaken at least every 2 years however the frequency would need to be increased should the employee change workstation or if a particular health compliant arose for example.

Who typically requires a DSE Assessment?

DSE Assessments are predominantly required in a office environment where users would spend one continuous hour or more per day at their workstation. Certain work environments are exempt and not classed as DSE workstations such as train cabs and supermarket checkouts..

Should DSE assessments of workstations be documented?

Yes, it is necessary. And the documented DSE assessments should have the following:

  • A brief but general outline of the activities done at the workstation
  • Proof or data showing that all aspects laid down in Schedule4 were taken into consideration as part of the risk analysis
  • Description of an action plan to address unsolved issues - specifying the person responsible, what actions need to be taken, and when these actions will be completed
  • Description of issues that need follow up
  • The employee must have a copy of the completed risk assessment. They also need that for further follow up as necessary, to ensure that any pending actions are done.

What are the DSE Assessment requirements found in Schedule4?

Schedule4 describes the minimum specifications for all Display Screen Equipment that should exist for DSE workstations. When carrying out DSE assessments, the employer must consider the min requirements detailed in Schedule4. This Schedule includes a range of components such as:

  • Monitor or DSE
  • Work chair
  • Keyboard
  • Work surface or desk
  • Actual setting (heat and humidity, lighting, space requirements, noise, and radiation)
  • Worker's computer interface (the software should be easy to use and suitable for the task)

Is an employee who's transferred to another workstation entitled to a new workstation analysis?

Yes. There'll be instances when an employee is moved to a new workstation due to changes in work arrangements. The employer is required to conduct new DSE assessments at the employees' new workstations. There should be an existing system that when adjustments such as this occur, employees can submit formal requests to have a new DSE assessment done. The assessment should include any changes in technology or equipment.

Are laptops covered under DSE assessments?

The DSE requirements of Chapt.5 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007 do not apply to laptops.

Per Regulation 71(d), "this Chapter does not apply to...portable display screen equipment not in prolonged use at a workstation." So it is advised that a laptop be connected to a keyboard and separate monitor. Once it's set up as such, that's when the workstation can be inspected to document if it meets the conditions found in the Display Screen Equipment Regulation.

Other temporary setups of a laptop workstation should be examined to check the usage of the laptop and to determine potential risks. Note that the user should not work on the laptop directly for long hours.

Is an employee entitled to any type of training if they work with a Display Screen Equipment workstation?

Employers are expected to provide training on how to use the workstation before an employee starts work on a DSE and in the event when the set up of the workstation is altered. The following should be included in the trainings:

  • A thorough understanding of the computer system to which the DSE is linked
  • Suitable introduction training. Employees should understand how tasks are organized so as to adhere to Chapt.5 of Part2 of the General Application Regulations. This includes a written report of the changes made to the workstation and info on rest and posture breaks. The workers must be notified why the changes were made and the benefits of such adjustments.
  • Instruction on the proper adjustment of furniture, keyboard, screen, lighting, etc., as well as the basic principles of ergonomics. This is done to match individual worker's reach, height, etc. This also includes a general understanding of the use of various modifications on the work chair and correct positioning of the mouse, document holder, and telephone. If, for instance, an employee spends many hours on the phone during a workday, provision of telephone headsets should be considered.

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